Elon Musk Outlines His Mission to Link Human Brains With Computers in 4 Years

April 20, 2017 on Fortune You may find the original article published here. Tesla founder and Chief Executive Elon Musk said his latest company Neuralink Corp is working to link the human brain with a machine interface by creating micron-sized devices. Neuralink is aiming to bring to the market a product that helps with certain severe brain…

MRC scientists discover two repurposed drugs that arrest neurodegeneration in mice

April 20, 2017 on Medical Research CouncilMedical Research Council You may find the original article published here. A team of MRC scientists who a few years ago identified a major pathway that leads to brain cell death in mice, have now found two drugs which block the pathway and prevent neurodegeneration. The drugs caused minimal side effects in the…

Neuron-recording nanowires could help screen drugs for neurological diseases

Ultimate goal is a neural-lace-like device that can be implanted in the brain to bridge or repair networks April 18, 2017 on Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence  You may find the original article published here.   A research team* led by engineers at the University of California San Diego has developed nanowire technology that can non-destructively record the…

How close are we to Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface?

Just as ancient Greeks fantasized about soaring flight, today’s imaginations dream of melding minds and machines as a remedy to the pesky problem of human mortality.

Can the mind connect directly with artificial intelligence, robots and other minds through brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies to transcend our human limitations?
Over the last 50 years, researchers at university labs and companies around the world have made impressive progress toward achieving such a vision.