We at ni2o™ are committed to thinking outside of the brain to improve the well-being of the world. A leap beyond current technology, ni2o’s™ unique capabilities intersect biology, chip design, software analytics, and security. Because we believe the patient is the priority, our primary goal is treating over 2 billion people who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders worldwide. ​Our groundbreaking device, the KIWI™, offers several advantages to patients as well as healthcare providers. Neurosurgeons will become more productive and can perform multiple surgeries in a day. The pool of eligible patients thus increases, providing new avenues and opportunities for treatment.

ni2o™ will revolutionize Deep Brain Stimulation, and that’s only the beginning.

ni2o™ is dedicated to creating the most secure systems for protecting patients and their data. Our KIWI implant will communicate with a hand-held device (such as a mobile phone) via an encrypted low power Bluetooth connection.  The handheld device will communicate with our secure cloud via an encrypted data stream. As a general rule, all data from inception will be encrypted in transit and in place to the highest standard.

“The patient is the priority.” – Prof. Newton Howard