What is ni2o?


A spinout of Oxford University, founded by a global team of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, and neuroscientists, ni2o is continuing the work started by MIT’s Mind Machine Project – developing a revolutionary brain-computer interface (BCI) that addresses the most pressing and costly medical needs of a rapidly aging global population, the treatment of neurodegenerative brain diseases and disorders.

Going beyond the brain

Our Purpose at ni2o

Our reason for existing is quite simple: We strive to restore human dignity to patients who suffer with debilitating brain diseases and disorders by restoring their abilities.

The technology is revolutionary, the plan is bold, and we believe the outcomes will benefit mankind for generations to come.

We believe the world will be faced with unsustainable costs and burdens on society to adequately care for the growing and aging population with the dignity they deserve.

The global population of those aged 60 years or older, who are most likely to face neurodegenerative disease, will more than double by 2050. ni2o is creating a breakthrough, minimally invasive, and technologically superior treatment while simultaneously driving down costs affording treatment to all those in need.

Our Plan

We begin by attacking the debilitating affliction of Parkinson’s Disease. Today, of the estimated 10 million people globally suffering with Parkinson’s, there are three proven deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatments on the market. However, they all require up to a 12-hour surgery, holes drilled into the skull, wires run through the neck to an implanted device in the chest, all coupled with potentially significant complications. Our minimally-invasive implant, KIWI, will change all of this.

After we conquer Parkinson’s disease, we then turn our focus to Alzheimer’s disease.

Introducing KIWI

Connecting digital with organic to decode the language of the brain


Latest News

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