KIWI is minimally invasive revolutionary the future

Our Kinetic Intelligent Wireless Implant (KIWI) is a small, self-contained, wirelessly connected, wirelessly charged, AI-driven replacement for current deep brain stimulation (DBS) solutions.

KIWI will record brain activity and deliver electrical and optical signals to target areas, with algorithms that will determine the therapeutic response and be continually improved by machine learning. It is implanted using an internally-developed, minimally-invasive surgical procedure. A cloud-based software platform will then securely collect and interpret information in real-time.

Advancing Technology

Existing DBS devices are primitive and excessively invasive, requiring a lengthy procedure ending in permanent trepanation. No larger than a grain of rice, KIWI is embedded via a minimally-invasive operation into areas of the brain where clinical treatment is required. Neurons readily grow around the device’s carbon nanotube connectors, which deliver the small electrical pulses that are the basis of the effectiveness of DBS.

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